PhD, Birkhauser and Others

I’ve published various other documents over the years, and this would seem a good place to describe something of my Ph.D. work.
I took my Ph.D. some thirty years ago with the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, King’s College, London. under the supervision of Prof. P.A.Lindsay.

My Thesis was titled: A Unified Approach to the Dispersion Theory of Gyrotrons. So, you may well ask, what’s a gyrotron? From the summary in an earlier CV, I quote:

  • The Gyrotron is a very high-energy Travelling-Wave-Tube amplifier.
  • The physical foundations of the device derive from Relativistic Plasma Physics.
  • The work made extensive use of Fourier-Laplace transforms.
  • The theory was presented in both conventional Vector Analysis and in terms of Differential Forms.

I include a scan of one chapter of the Ph.D., which if nothing else shows my style of writing has been fairly consistent over the years, as well as one of a paper which I wrote during the Ph.D.

I contributed to two other papers (at least that I retain copies of) during my Ph.D., making the full list I still have as:

  • Lindsay, P. A., R. J. Lumsden, R. M. Jones: A dispersion equation for gyrotron TWT’s, Int. J. Elec., 1982, 53, no.6, pp.806-820.
  • Lindsay, P. A., R. M. Jones, R. J. Lumsden: Some observations on gyrotron interaction models, Int. J. Elec., 1984, 57, no.6, pp. 915-951.
  • Lumsden, R. J., P. A. Lindsay: Some thoughts on phase-space representations in gyrotron theory, Int. J. Elec., 1984, 57, no.6, pp. 953-975.

On quite a different tack is the paper on The Moving Oculus, also described elsewhere on this website, which I was asked to contribute to the beautiful volume published by my supervisor at Brighton, Dr. Ivana Wingham, and entitled Mobility of the Line, published by Birkhauser, ISBN 978-3-0346-0824-4. This was a great honour for me, and I am very proud to have been able to make this contribution to an outstanding work.