Computer Graphics

My fourth degree, taken quite recently, was in Architectural Studies, and  gave me an in-depth understanding and a broad experience in Computer Graphics or CG.

This led me naturally into my special interest fields, covered briefly elsewhere on this site, of:

  • BIM or Building Information Modelling
  • Parametric Design

or as I’ve put it in recent CVs, I am very keen on work that attempts:

  • To bring Parametric Modelling into the forefront of design.
  • To research into improved ways to use computer graphics and 3D geometry throughout the AEC industry.
  • To work towards better standards for the interchange of information between different platforms using or not using IFC and ifcXML.
  • To develop standardized software libraries outside the proprietary CAD and BIM systems that will facilitate substantially more flexibility in AEC IT work. This project is already well advanced in both C# and Java versions.
  • To investigate new concepts in architectural projection.
  • To provide full consultancy services on all aspects of Building Information Modelling and training in BIM methodology, and last but not least . . .
  • To produce some damn good design work.

The whole background of CG is intriguing, and I’d be very interested in any projects involving any of the following:

  • Mathematical methods in CG
  • Photorealism and rendering systems
  • Texture mappings
  • Procedural texturing
  • Available CG software
  • Use of Graphics Cards and Parallel Programming
  • Use of OpenGL
  • Nvidia CUDA
  • GLSL and HLSL

I’m especially keen to further my currently somewhat limited experience in CUDA and Parallel Programming because this is an exceptionally exciting and challenging area, so please try me if you have any work in this direction!

I am still available for design and photographic work when the pressure from the new consultancy isn’t too strong.